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This integrated mind-body approach has helped hundreds of my patients overcome depression.
The techniques I offer in The Mind-Body Mood Solution are strategies I've found to be successful for my patients over the past 20 years.

Physical approaches involving nutrition, exercise, and exposure to bright light - as well as simple meditation practices - have demonstrated a powerful, positive effect on mild and moderate depression.

I have found that combining mind and body approaches has helped my clients recover more rapidly and durably than utilizing any one approach alone.

In The Mind-Body Mood Solution, you will find the same tools and practices I use with great success with my clients at Canyon Ranch, a health resort and integrative wellness center in Massachusetts.

Step-by-step, I'll help you get to the root of what's causing your depression and help you customize your own program using the techniques that are most useful to you.
Do you have ZERO energy? Are you fearful? Forgetful? Exhausted?
Jennifer seemed like her whole life force had been drained when I first met her. She couldn't sleep, had ZERO energy in the morning, and was so distracted, she had trouble at work.

What was wrong? Her medical test revealed she had several critical nutrition deficiencies. For one thing, she was very low in tryptophan— which promotes calmness and well-being—and melatonin—which promotes sleep.

So Jennifer immediately started a nutritional regimen including herbs and supplements that are proven mood lifters. I also recommended a simple, easy-does-it exercise program.

Within just ONE week of making these easy changes, Jennifer saw a
rapid improvement. She was emotionally stable, energetic, and enthusiastic. She became more productive at work, and she was able to focus on her marriage and relationships in a positive way.

Turn to page 58 in your free-preview copy of The Mind-Body Mood Solution and discover the full nutritional regimen I recommended for Jennifer - No drugs needed!
* The remarkable emotional turnarounds reported in this publication are true. Your results, of course, may vary. However, the contents of this report include documented research and personal experience that offer new healing hope for millions. We always recommend you consult your health care provider before trying any new treatment or therapy.
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Dr. Jeffrey Rossman
Trouble sleeping? Exhausted? Irritable?
When Lynne first came to see me, she had been suffering from insomnia for more than 3 months. She felt bad about being depressed and irritable around her husband and two young daughters. Lynne was also caring for her emotionally dependent mother and was at her wits' end.

Lynne's solution? I trained Lynne in two specific relax- ation techniques (instructions are in your free-preview copy of The Mind-Body Mood Solution). Together these techniques help dissolve away anxiety and stress like a wave washing footprints off a beach. The results? Lynne was able to accept and cope with her anxiety naturally. Within 2 weeks, Lynne was sleeping more soundly and rarely woke up during the night.
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The Mind-Body Mood Solution
Over 479 secrets, tips, and solutions to help lift your mood naturally! Expadned edition NOT available in stores!
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